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    Shenzhen Bangkai Battery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on polymer lithium batteries. The company specializes in cylindrical lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries, lithium battery packs, solar batteries, mobile power supplies, beauty instrument batteries, monitoring equipment batteries, and smart 3C mobile phones. New application fields such as batteries, power storage batteries, equipment medical equipment batteries, smart logistics, etc. focus on investing in and expanding the high-end application market, creating terminal products for mobile power solutions under the "Bangkai" brand, and have won the approval of many domestic and foreign brand customers highly recognition. Bangkai Battery will share the industry information of polymer lithium battery related products and the latest developments of the company in real time with the broad market, customers and friends, will update in real time, synchronize the industry market, and make progress together.

    What is the difference between polymer batteries and lithium batteries?
    Lithium battery concept is used very frequently, a little attention, we will find that with this ...
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    Principle analysis of charging and discharging mechanism of lithium battery
    Lithium ion batteries are often described as having advantages over conventional nickel-cadmium (...
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    "Lithium wants" to build future bangkai battery amazing CIBF2019
    Driven by the technological revolution of tesla lithium battery industry, 2019 will undoubtedly b...
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    Why is power battery technology stagnating? Innovative technologies have yet to emerge
    When apple redesigned the MacBook Pro in 2009, it used a new battery that gave it 40 percent long...
    [ 2019/12/12 ]More>>
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